Hi people. This is my new blog.

I decided to add some professionalism to this thing. It’s got my name in the url now… huge step. I’m going to do some layout stuff in the near future (and may need someone’s help out there – don’t ignore my phone calls!), but for now, I’m just catching up. As you can see, I’ve already brought over some stuff from previously blogs and posted them below. This blog will mainly turn into my thoughts on TV and sports (and maybe movies if I see any). I will kick it off with my thoughts on the finale of LOST in mere moments after this post, and then eventually tomorrow write my thoughts on the finales of 24, Chuck, and How I Met Your Mother (with probably a little blurb about Big Bang Theory at the end of that one). I’m going to watch Breaking Bad and Doctor Who this summer (I’m already 8 episodes in on the former) and may give thoughts at various times about those shows.

Also, nothing will ever be as long as my LOST finale post. I promise you that. And every post I have WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS. My goal is to figure out how to make a teaser for the blog and a link right afterword so you don’t get the full blog post without clicking. I need to figure that out. But yah, don’t let the LOST finale post scare the crap out of you. That baby took me forever to right. Nothing will be anywhere near as long as that.

Anywho, thanks for reading if you are. Have a clucky, cluck day!

– Aaron

About aarongernes

Well, I like TV and movies and I love sports. So expect a lot about that.
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