Chuck: “Chuck Versus the Subway”/”Chuck Versus The Ring: Part II” – Gamechanger. Again

Chuck has done it again. Blown my freaking mind with where it wants to go with the story, completely changing the game again. Spoilers ahead, mates:

The two-part finale proves what was first established last season – these guys really know how to do finales right. In S1, we see a finale that was never meant to be a finale; the writer’s strike threw everything off. But last season, we see how big they could have gone in “Chuck Versus The Ring,” where Awesome learns Chuck’s secret, Jeffster performs Mr. Roboto in the coolest scene in all of TV that season, Bryce dies, and Chuck “learns kung-fu” aka downloads Intersect 2.0. It was a great finale.

The same can be said for this season. It completely changed everything that they’re going to do with the show, and this time we know for certain that it’s coming back next season. Which is nice. Some bullet points:

*It was great to see Casey’s daughter come back into the fold. I was wondering if Casey ever made any efforts to connect with her, her being so close and all. And he did, which is great. Now it looks like she’s in the loop for next season, so we might be seeing more of Alex.

*Finally, after so so long, Ellie has found out about Chuck’s secret. I have no clue how much longer they could have hid it from Ellie without making it repetitive and boring, so I’m glad they went there finally. Now the whole crew knows that Chuck works for the CIA (though they don’t know about the Intersect, minus Sarah and Casey, obviously).

*Steve Bartowski’s death seemed obvious, but the manner in which they decided to do it – Shaw shooting down Steve in cold blood right in front of Chuck, was incredibly cruel and hard to watch. In a show that’s as light-hearted as Chuck can be, it’s easy to forget how dangerous this spy life actually is.

*On a related note, bravo to Brandon Routh for an outstanding performance as the arch-villain Daniel Shaw. I hated the character earlier this season when they were beating around the bush about Sarah and Chuck’s relationship and using him as a obstacle to that, but ever since his heel turn, he’s been utterly outstanding and decisively evil. It’s always good to have a character that you hate so much you need to continue watching so you can see him fail. That’s what Nina Myers was in 24, and that’s what Daniel Shaw did here.

*I’m also glad Chuck didn’t kill Shaw, because honestly, he didn’t need to. He had the fight won. In “the Other Guy” Sarah is in obvious danger, and if Chuck doesn’t attempt to actually kill Shaw, Sarah will die. Here, he has Shaw beat. Anything else he does is gravy. So knocking him out is fine. Also, it sets up a return for Shaw at any point, which is fine by me if he’s as much of an evil son-of-a-bitch as he was this season.

*With Shaw still alive, Chuck still hasn’t intentionally killed someone. Just saying.

*Morgan with Casey’s locker was hilarious – “You might want to step back. This could blow up.”

*Jeffster are on the run for arson, and the Buy More has been blown up. Will this be the end of the Buy More as we know it? I’m not sure what the budget is like for Chuck, but the Buy More’s had its fun. It might be done now. I do look forward to background voices from the TV next season telling us exactly what’s going on with the manhunt for Jeffster though. Those will be some fun Easter eggs.

*Finally, the ending twist – I loved it. It gives Chuck a new secret, which only he knows about. Who he chooses to bring into the loop will be interesting, especially since he’s supposed to be a civilian now. I look forward to him piecing the puzzle together to try to find his mother, all-the-while helping protect the people that his father was protecting before his death. My other concern is how they keep Sarah and Casey around the Burbank area. Chuck is no longer a spy, but Sarah and Casey still are, aren’t they? It should be fun to see them try to work around that one. It’ll keep things fresh for sure.

All-in-all, a fantastic way to end a season that may have slipped a little way through, but ended on high note after high note. The back-6 was exactly what the doctor ordered in order to get this show on its feet and cruising along again. I cannot wait for next season.


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