Entourage – “Stunted”

Some quick thoughts/spoilers about the Entourage Season 7 premiere coming right up:

The Boys are BACK

Note: Per use, this is not a summery/review of the episode; rather, it’s just a couple quick thoughts on the various plots and what might happen going forward.

My favorite story of the night probably had to do with Turtle, his limo business, and Alex, one of his employees. Right away in the opening, Turtle says that he had to fire his desk guy, which means he’s not above firing people. Granted, this guy had taken Vinnie’s VMA trophy, but Turtle still did the deed. Now he has to deal with Alex, a very attractive lady who comes in late (again, apparently) and he still refuses to fire her, despite the numerous mistakes she’s made (being late, never getting to the places in adequate time to pick up clients, etc). It could be Turtle does have a crush on her, especially after getting his heart broken by Jamie. But he doesn’t fire her, even when Drama tells him it’s the smartest thing.

Even right at the beginning, you can tell this could be trouble for Turtle. When Alex forgets her shirt, she tells Turtle not to look. And then yells at him for maybe taking a peak when he was discussing something with her. After the whole kiss debacle near the end of the episode, Alex quits. This story is definitely building somewhere, and it’s not good for our dear Turtle. A lawsuit is almost certainly on the way, and it’ll be interesting to see how the gang deals with that. But one thing seems for certain; Alex almost baited him into it.

The whole Drama thing wasn’t really doing it for me, but it’s nice to see Lloyd in the mix still. The idea of Drama having a team is outrageous, but perfectly in Drama’s character. It was also nice to see that Ari didn’t completely blow him off and was honest with him. Ari is dealing with a whole new thing with all his clients now, but Drama’s been there since the beginning and as head of the entire agency, he actually has time and can afford to play favorites now. Also, the Drama thing lead to my favorite line of the show: “I HATE ARI, BRO!”

Vince had some fun stuff too… the whole will he, won’t he do the stunt stuff was pretty entertaining. I love that the director put Ari’s frat picture in the back cover of that magazine… it reminded me of how Jeremy Piven said he hated being hazed. Vinnie ended up taking offense to everyone who thought he wouldn’t go through with the stunt. All his friends just looked at him as a pretty boy, and he, like a typical East Coast kid, had to prove his buddies wrong. But at the end, I was totally stunned to see the car crash. At that point, I thought either Vinnie or the director were seriously hurt. And then they both came out OK. And then, after the director said it was great material, Vinnie said, “If you’re not sure, I’m ready to go again.”

Perfect. Vinnie walks away like a badass. This could drive him to do more stunts and possibly hurt himself… you could tell he suddenly felt that adreniline and needs to feel that rush again.

All-in-all, it was a good premiere. I think that there will be for to the Ari/NFL stuff, though it is a little disappointing that it seems as if Eric will be in the background most of the season… unless they bring up Sloan drama. Which would piss me off.

I give it a B+. Thoughts?

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