I know that everyone and their mother has had their take on this, but I just needed to make a short post about my thoughts on LeBron and the current situation.

I think more than mad, most of us people are disappointed (unless you’re a Cleveland fan. Then you’re furious, and rightfully so). LeBron did say that he wanted to win, and this puts him in very good position to win, and gives him a chance to play with some of his best friends. The bench will be a VERY short bench and one injury would change everything, but I’m not here to analyze the team yet. Just rather the decision.

When the week started, we knew it was really down to five teams – Cleveland, Chicago, Miami, New York, and New Jersey. The Clippers were just a joke option, let’s be honest. As the week progressed, it seemed apparent that the Nets had faded out, and the Knicks had jumped up in the pecking order with the Amare signing. Cleveland still seemed to have a chance, especially with LBJ begging Bosh do a to sign and trade.

Then Bosh goes to Miami, and we figure it’s really between Miami, Cleveland, and Chicago. And here’s where I stop. I wouldn’t have liked the Miami signing to begin with, but that wouldn’t have pissed me off alone. Let’s break this down:

By staying in Cleveland, he would be staying true to his words about loyalty. He has the Akron area code tattooed on his body, as well the words loyalty. That’s what Cleveland was coming down to, and it would have been great for him to stay there. I understand his reasoning for leaving, but I sorta wish he could have given them his entire prime, like KG did for Minnesota.

With Chicago, he had a very good chance for winning, and he would do so while being the man. All the end-of-game plays would have been written for him. All the pressure really would have been on his shoulders. This is what a competitor wants. A chance to LEAD. Isaiah, MJ, Bird, Russell, Magic, Duncan, Shaq, Hakeem, WADE, and even Kobe recently… they’ve been leaders on the court and lead their teams to titles. LeBron had a chance to be the figurehead of a dynasty (that’s what Chicago could have been with Noah, Rose, and Boozer all aboard as well). That’s why, even if I get annoyed with Chicago fans, this was an infinitely better signing than Miami.

But he chose Miami. Which was a cop-out. He went to Wade’s house, where Wade is king and has already got a ring. You think that those true Miami fans are gonna revere LeBron the same way they do Wade already? You’re crazy. Wade is already their boy, and LeBron is the neighbor that’s helping to add on and make the house a mansion.

You see, LeBron shied away from the pressure of being the man. He shied away from being the go-to guy. You think that LeBron will want to be the guy who has the last play designed for him? Really? He won’t say no, but he’s got to be scared. If he wasn’t, he would have stayed in Cleveland or even gone to Chicago. He’s not a competitor though. He’s a basketball player. And there’s a difference. The guys I listed above (including Wade) are competitors that want to win more than anything. Notice how Wade go LBJ to come to him? Yeah, it’s South Beach, and yeah, they became really good friends at the Olympics. But LeBron doesn’t have to drive to prove he’s the best of all-time, which we all wish he had. It should have been apparent over the past couple years that he wasn’t a closer; it’s only really obvious now.

Alas, that’s one side of the dime. I would have been disappointed enough in LBJ if he had just had it leaked he was going to Miami. But instead, he had this ridiculous spectacle on ESPN. And ESPN knew we were all ridiculous enough to actually watch it. A low point in sports. And ESPN was desperate enough to actually let LBJ call the shots on the special, as he hired Jim Gray to lob six minutes of softballs at him before he finally asked the only question we all cared about (Yes, HIRED – Jim Gray was paid to do this special).

All this was was an egotistical way for LeBron to get his face in the sun. Shame on ESPN and David Stern for allowing such a spectacle. Can you imagine being a Cavs fan? It’s bad enough to lose your home-grown franchise player. It really is. I’ve been there with KG. But this… this was pathetic. It was an hour-long stab in the back. Especially when LBJ started talking about loyalty. What does LeBron know about loyalty? Kevin Durant re-signed with the Thunder with a simple Tweet. LeBron needed an hour-long special.

What I don’t understand is why his people allowed this. This was undoubtedly the worst PR move in the history of sports. HE CHOSE TO DO THIS. This wasn’t Kobe getting accused of rape or Pete Rose’s gambling thing being researched and found out. LBJ literally went out of his way to make himself incredibly unpopular. For you people that remember WCW back in the day, a lot of people are saying this humorously compares to Hogan joining Hall and Nash to form the NWO . It’s sad because it’s true. I can’t help but despise him for this. I can understand the wussying out and playing for the ring with your friends. Really, I can. But to make everyone watch you is absurd and horrible for sports. We want to pretend you care.

The biggest part about this is that I don’t really know if LBJ understands what just happened. I don’t think he understands how much just pissed off his entire state. I literally think that he probably is staring at those jerseys burning and going “huh?” He’s an idiot, and everyone around him could have warned him about this. Instead, they let him dig a 15-foot grave and jump in. It’s incredible. He went from a fairly likable guy that I didn’t mind rooting for in the playoffs to a guy who will actually make me root for Kobe and the Lakers over him. It’s unreal.

Have fun being the biggest sports villain in America, LBJ. You made Clemons and Favre look as likable as Jason Segel compared to you. You are incredible, and the biggest sports heel since Thug U. Maybe bigger. I’ve never rooted against one single person more in my life.

I hope you fail. Let’s go Kobe.

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2 Responses to LeBron

  1. Derek Borkowski says:

    First off, I’m not a LeBron fan in anyway, I always go Kobe if there is ever a discussion but I would like to defend him a little here. This view about the whole “competitors” idea makes perfect sense, and it would definitely seem a cop-out by LeBron, but who knows! I don’t think its fair to question what LeBron is made of from this, this decision he had to make. That is joining up with the 3rd best player in the league and Chris Bosh. MJ, Kobe, Bird, Magic, Duncan, Hakeem, all the guys you listed as competitors never had this sort of opportunity, to join with two of the best players of their respective generations. Would a 25 yr old version of MJ, if such an easy way to join along with Hakeem and Malone (or any combination of the greats of his area) have flat out said ‘noway’? How about the same with a 25 yr old Bird?(Okay he definitely would have wanted his revenge on Magic but you get what I’m trying to say.) I mean, he’s the first mega-star ever faced with this kind of decision. In the end I’m not disagreeing with anyone’s take on it or what he ‘did’ to Cleveland, but just throwing something out there.

    • aarongernes says:

      Maybe our generation will unfairly compare LeBron to MJ. But if you read about MJ, you would know that he was way too big of a competitor to let anyone beat him. Seriously… someone once beat MJ in ping-pong, and then he bought his own ping-pong table, practiced for two weeks, and beat the shit out of that guy in ping-pong. It’s in Bill Simmons’ Book of Basketball. The fact is that LeBron is not the player we thought he was. He is now actually playing for Wade’s team. That’s a fact.

      So here’s my blog opinion in a nutshell: Can’t blame him for signing with the Heat for rings, but I feel like he’s being a huge wimp. That would have just made me frown, but say “hey, this should be fun to watch.” the fact that he insulted his entire city/hometown during a national TV spectacle is too much for me to handle. KG never did this. He was much much much better to Minnesota than LeBron ever was to his “hometown” of Akron/Cleveland

      So mainly, I only kind of mind that he signed with the Heat and wussed out. But the fact that he stabbed Cleveland in the back with an hour-long TV special? Not necessary.

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