Entourage – “Buzzed”

Thoughts/spoilers on the second episode coming up:

Let’s start with Turtle… ugh. I, for one, didn’t like where this was going. It seemed to regress Turtle back to the days before Jamie and many of the decisions maybe didn’t make sense. Why would Turtle give someone a company card that can’t even drive three blocks without being lost? Yes, I understand Turtle would have liked to impress Alex, but I thought he would be smarter at separating business and pleasure. Obviously, I was wrong. Turtle is not thinking with the right head, which is unfortunate because it takes away a lot of the Turtle we were used to seeing last year.

Fortunately, it looks as if he’s escaped any sexual harassment charges from Alex for now. But he’s not doing himself any favors, as he’s chastised her and then made a personal trip to her house, getting to the point that Alex called it “creepy” (which it was). I fear for Turtle, and with Vince seemingly off the deep end already, no one’s going to be able to pay attention pull Turtle back in (which is what Vince and Drama always did).

Vinny, however, has one of the most fun stories rolling forward right now. It seems as if that nasty almost-accident that Vince had in last week’s episode flipped a switch in his brain – he’s a lot more spontaneous now. A LOT more spontaneous.

It starts with him giving himself a haircut (I don’t know how anyone could cut their own hair that well, but whatever) and then him saying in the middle of an interview/publicity tour that the movie he’s currently filming “might suck” without any cares. He blames it on being perhaps stoned from his pain medications that he got for his accident, but it clearly has become more.

Vince no longer cares about the money or business as much as his friends care about it. Last week, Vince was seemed offended when his crew seemed to dismiss him as a wuss, and went out and did the stunt, even screwing it up in the process. Now he wants to feel alive and be spontaneous and crazy. It’s a classic story, but the interesting thing here is that the stakes are as big for Eric and Ari as they are for Vince. That’s their big money client. If he gets hurt, that’s a big chuck out of their paycheck as well.

Now it’s up to Vince and Eric to pull Vince back from this dangerous brink. I imagine the studio, the director, everyone in his cast, etc. probably wouldn’t be happy with news that he’s jumping out of airplanes on a whim. Vince is a big-time investment.

Overall, I give it a B. Not quite as strong as last week, especially with the Drama story basically on hold, but the Vinny story and the possibility of Ari owning an NFL franchise (?!?!?!) still keep me excited for the rest of the season.

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