Entourage – “Dramedy”

I’m surprised Adrian Peterson was able to hold onto that dinosaur skull for as long as he did. BAZINGA!

As we continue through Entourage’s 7th season, the lines are starting to become more clearly drawn. Vince and Eric are on opposite places on the spectrum – Eric is ready to settle down with Sloan and enjoys his time with just the two of them eating dinner and doing nothing; Vince has felt the rush of doing his own stunts and putting his life in danger, and now is itching to fill that “live like there’s no tomorrow fix” 24/7. Fortunately for him, he has found a perfect accomplice in Scotty, Eric’s co-worker at the managerial firm.

Eric seems content with Vince’s relationship with Scotty. He’s busy dealing with Drama’s search for a show, and it’s as if he’s willing to push Vince’s antics to the side for now. It’s when he hears, however, that Scotty introduced Vince to Randell Wilson (Braveheart writer, among other things) and tried arranging a casual business meeting between the two, that he flips out. Vince is not just his friend, but also his client, and Scotty is stepping on that precious client territory. This, of course, leads to the shoving fight at the end and the broken dinosaur skull.

Of course, Eric shouldn’t be in this position in the first place. Vince has gone past the point of just trying get a rush and is acting immature. He seemingly needs a babysitter everywhere he goes now, and the people that usually would keep him level-headed are dealing with too much else to care. Eric and Drama are looking for a show for Johnny. Ari is busy dealing with his new agency, the NFL, and now Lizzie quitting as well. Turtle is almost bankrupt. And Vince is alone with Scotty and being encouraged to continue on this irresponsible path. The Vince/E/Scotty dynamic should continue to be good.

Drama and Eric have discovered that… Johnny is funny? Really? It took that long? I guess there is something humorous to this in the end. “Drama” is an ironic nickname for a character who has long served as the comic relief in the series, but thinking about his past TV roles, they have all been dramas. Jeff Garlin comes aboard and writes a script that Eric thinks is really good, in which Johnny is one off two male leads in a comedy. My only problem with the script is that it’s about “two brothers that work at the Four Seasons in Maui.” Doesn’t that just sound like an adult version of the Suite Life of Zack and Cody? And THEN they get John Stamos to be the co-lead, which basically adds to the Disneyness of the concept. Ah well. Drama being Drama, he still doesn’t think he’s as funny as everyone else thinks he is. Here’s hoping he gets some self-confidence finally in his life.

Ari was more on the fore-front this week than the past couple weeks, with the main issue being whether Lizzie should be promoted to head of the TV Department or not. Babs has great points – Lizzie is obviously very talented and a star. If she doesn’t get promoted and quits, someone else will pick her up and she will take clients with her. But Ari, for as screwed up as his morals seem sometimes, has a very strong sense of loyalty and Andrew Kline was his friend. Ari cannot fathom promoting Lizzie up to Andrew’s old job after Lizzie played home-wrecker and was perhaps the biggest contributor to Andrew’s downfall. Of course, Ari calls Lizzie’s bluff, and Lizzie quits. Suddenly, there is a great agent out there, and she has a vengeance card to play on Ari.

Finally, there’s Turtle. I don’t know where this is going and frankly, I don’t care. Turtle is obviously a terrible businessman and though I commend his effort, he constantly thinks with his penis and not his brain. And now Alex, after basically almost suing him, tells him that she has friends in Mexico with money? And that Turtle should come with her down there? I don’t know what game Alex is playing, but I really don’t like it. She’s still really annoying.

Alas, I give this episode a B because although not a whole lot happened, it was still pretty funny and they set up some battles.

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