College Football Quick Hits – Week 1

If I ever feel inspired to write a long column, I will. But usually instead, after the week is done, I’ll compose some quick thoughts and then just post my top 25.

– I’ve had that Labor Day matchup circled on my calendar since the day after Alabama beat Texas… I’m glad it lived up the hype. Those are two teams I had in my top 5 and I thought they both played like it. Boise was in a incredibly hostile environment. They had lost all momentum in the 2nd half. Yet they put together a winning drive, just like a team that wants to play in a national championship should. And it wasn’t against some schmuck. Virginia Tech is a top 15 college football program. Frank Beamer is a legend, sure-fire Hall-of Famer. And the Broncos beat them fair-and-square, when they had all the pressure and weight of the world on them. Not much more to say than that.
– I still can’t say for certain Boise is on a one-way train to the National Championship, however. I would love them to be, but that’s not the way it works. Certainly Ohio State and Alabama are above them on the pecking order if all go unbeaten. And If Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, any SEC school, or even Iowa run the table… are we certain they don’t jump Boise? By now, maybe we give the Broncos the benefit of the doubt. But as Kirk Herbstreit said after the game, there’s no team that’s going to have to rack up style points more than Boise. They desperately need to smoke a lot of their WAC competition.
– And what about that other non-AQ school that resides in Fort Worth? TCU may have been playing practically a home game, but Oregon State was a game away from the Rose Bowl last year. TCU was impressive in their victory over the Beavers. And while Boise soaks up all the pressure, TCU will be playing in the tougher conference. What if they somehow run the table too? Notable games left: vs. BYU, vs Air Force, and then a November 6 at Utah. That’s tough, but doable.
– Finally, I’ll wrap up the non-AQ love with Utah. That was a strong performance against a Pitt team that’s always prepared well by Dave Wannstedt. And a great game as well. They’ll be fine in the Pac-10.
– The most disappointing performance by a Top 25 team? A lot of people will say Oklahoma. Statistically, I’d have to agree. The offense score 31 is alright, but it’s the defense giving up 24 that just wows me. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any of that game. Which means the winner to me is…
– Florida. I watched from midway through the first quarter on, and it was embarrassing. The final score looks alright, but seriously, the offense was unbelievable bad. They had more points (21) than yards (18) in the first half. Their longest drive was 24 yards up until the 4th quarter. If Miami happens to punch it in a couple times instead of setting for 3, they would have been practically dead even with Florida heading into the 4th. 15 bad snaps. They looked awful, and if they were playing even a mediocre team, they might have lost. It’s one game, but that’s still something to look more at.
– LSU: That was kind of disappointing. I don’t know if that was more UNC being inspired through trouble or not. But LSU should have won by at least 2 touchdowns I think.
– USC’s defense looked pretty salty too.
– Oregon was by far the most impressive team of the Top 25’s playing scrubs. Damn. Didn’t miss a beat without Masoli. Speaking of…
– LOLe Miss.
– Other non Top 25 action… MICHIGAN. WOW. Denard Robinson looked like a stud, and he scares the crap out of me as Notre Dame tries to prepare for him next week.
– Briefly, I thought that Notre Dame’s defense looked on top of its game (except for sloppy tackling by Te’o), but the offense was inconsistent and left a bit to be desired. The talent is there, though. Crist needs to be better on his long balls. He missed Floyd a couple times. But TJ Jones looked like he could be a stud WR for the Irish, and Cierre Wood also certainly performed well in his debut as well. The best part was the secondary being able to tackle. We’ll need them to do that against Denard.

Top 25 (last week’s ranking):

1. Alabama (1)
2. Boise State (2)
3. Ohio State (3)
4. Texas (4)
5. Iowa (7)
6. TCU (10)
7. Nebraska (9)
8. Oklahoma (6)
9. Oregon (14)
10. Virginia Tech (5)
11. Wisconsin (11)
12. Florida (8)
13. Miami (FL) (12)
14. Georgia Tech (15)
15. Pennsylvania State (16)
16. Arkansas (19)
17. USC (17)
18. Utah (24)
19. Florida State (21)
20. LSU (20)
20. Stanford (23)
21. Auburn (25)
22. Arizona (NR)
23. Pittsburgh (23)
24. Georgia (NR)
25. West Virginia (NR)

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