Doctor Who – “Day of the Moon”

Doctor WHo - Day of the MoonWoah. That was… woah. Brisk, fast, slightly confusing, and a mind-blowing cliffhanger that definitely defines where this season is headed. A full recap of Day of the Moon is right here. 

That was something, eh? Mr. Steven Moffat was of course the one who penned the finale of this two-part beast, and he was not afraid to play fast and loose with the story. They say that Doctor Who is at heart a children’s show; while that definitely still held true here, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were confused by the happenings. It certainly took me awhile to put together the pieces.

Before we jump into the meat of the plot, I just want to start with the part everyone will be talking about – the child. Who is she, why were the Silence keeping her safe in the astronaut suit, why is Amy’s picture with her, and most importantly… WHY CAN SHE REGENERATE?

All imperative questions, and all having to relate to the other mysteries of the season. Most people are leaning toward the idea that it’s Amy’s child – the TARDIS, after all, couldn’t tell if Amy was pregnant or not at the end of the episode. Why is she regenerating, then? Well, the TARDIS has shown it can regenerate, just as the Doctor can. If Amy spent an inordinate amount of time on the TARDIS, could that effect how the baby reacts in the womb? Could the baby be affected by the TARDIS? It makes somewhat sense.

I don’t think, however, that if Amy is the mom, the Doctor is the dad and the baby is half Time-Lady. We know that Amy’s loyalty really does lie with “Stupid Face” and I don’t think we’ll be seeing the Doctor jumping anyone’s bones now that this River kiss happened. Of course, it could be the child of River and the Doctor, or perhaps it’s River herself, with Amy and Rory being mom and dad, or maybe it’s the Doctor’s daughter Jenny, or … well you get the idea. It’s all very complicated now

Back to the plot – we started off with a three-month jump from the end of the events of “The Impossible Astronaut”. The jump was very jarring, as were the supposed deaths of the Doctor’s three companions and the capture of the Doctor himself. But I actually enjoyed this looking back. The Silence is right up there in the creepiest, most powerful enemies we’ve ever seen. The past three months, we find out, the companions have been out investigating them, looking for them… but really, they can’t remember what they’re even investigating. We, the viewer, then, are kind of in the same place that they are when they enter the TARDIS with Canton. The last three months are basically a blank. I think it’s a great narrative technique to put us in the same mindset as the Doctor’s companions.

The use of tally marks on every part of the body created a fantastic visual to help show the viewer what they were up against. The jump didn’t answer every question (my biggest one is how River and Rory got out of the swarm of Silence by the wannabe-TARDIS at the end of “Impossible Astronaut”), but we got enough details to know that the Silence have actually been impacting human history forever. The use of the audio chips was also effective, and the directing of the scenes, where after a flash of lightning, we saw Amy’s face completely clear to lighting up with dozens of tally marks, was awesome and creepy and fun. The Silence scare the crap out of me, that’s for sure.

After a good, fun 35 minutes or so, we finally got a solution to the Silence problem – and surprisingly, it was not really dues ex machina. They simply used 21st century technology, the doctor did some timey-whimey stuff back in 1969 to transmit the signal… and the Silence had ordered their own death sentence. Effective stuff that works because of the nature of the creatures. It was a little strange to see the Doctor pretty much order the extermination of a species, but we’ll chalk that up to 11’s nature. You don’t get to take over the human race.

It was an awesome episode, but there are still a lot of questions that need to be answered. Who was the creepy lady that Amy saw in the children’s home? The Doctor is still on track to die – I feel like that needs to be fixed somehow. Is Amy pregnant? Is she not? Why can’t the TARDIS tell? I heard a theory that it’s possible that since the Doctor is interfering in his own timeline currently, we may have two separate timelines going on at once, and it could provide for a spectacular problem.

And of course… who is the girl?

–       I love Moffat episodes, and he definitely got this one right here.

–       Matt Smith continues to come onto his own as his Doctor. Eleven pretty much allowed for the extermination of the Silence, and he didn’t have an issue with River and her gun. He also looked like he quite liked the kiss at the end, even if he was confused.

–       Speaking of which, great acting by Alex Kingston after she realized that was her last kiss with the Doctor. It might have been the first time I’ve been genuinely sold on their relationship from a romantic standpoint.

–       Interesting bit of dialogue from Rory and the Doctor about whether he remembers from being the Roman soldier. Since the world collapsed and the 2nd Big Bang occurred, I would have thought that he was reset and completely human. But apparently he still carries those memories with him from before that Big Bang – but not all the time. Is this something we’re supposed to read into?

–       I loved seeing Rory’s reaction to Amy calling him “Stupid Face.” We all knew it was coming as audience members, but, c’mon… when you stand next to the Doctor on a day-to-day basis, it could be easy to see why you think the love of your life no longer harbors an interest for you. Hopefully that will take care of any more romantic strife we see and Rory will remain confident that he’s her man.

–       We didn’t go back to that TARDIS-like ship that River and Rory were investigating at the end of “Impossible Astronaut”, did we? That thing (which I’m pretty sure we also saw in S5’s “The Lodger”) is somehow an integral part to this season’t plot. Not sure what for yet, though.

–       Finally, we haven’t seen the last of the Silence. They caused the crack in little Amelia’s room and were causing cracks all across the universe all last season. They also invaded the Calvierri home planet. Why? Their story is not over.

Next week it looks back we’re back to some fun, non-serial adventures, at least for a little bit. But Moffat has taught us to not overlook anything anymore. So keep your eyes pealed.

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